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Name         : SHADES OF FREED - 50 SHOTS

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  • Product Code: 303
  • Price: Rs. 1,140.00
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        Anil Fireworks Factory , Sivakasi Manufacture The Shades Of Freed - 50 Shots As per Government Norms.This The Shades Of Freed - 50 Shots Crackers are manufactures by Using Green Formulas.Which is approved by Indian Government.It is Also a Eco Friendly Product.Approved By CSIR � NEERI.In Most of the Houses in India, this Products are used in Diwali Celebrations at night time.Light works and sound works in a rhyme and rythm, is all the fireworks fun! Perfect fun.The Shades Of Freed - 50 Shots which consists of 1 piece in a box which is made by Anil Fireworks. Its Explodes 50 Shots with 5 crackling Colours. Stand 5 Meters away from the cracker to be safe. To ignite it use a long Bathi. For outdoor use only. Under close adult supervision.
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