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Name         : HI 26 ITEMS

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Rs.1450.00 Rs.725.00

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  • Product Code: 100
  • Price: Rs. 725.00
  • Rate per: 1 BOX
  • Contents per: 26 ITEMS
  • Availability: In Stock
        Anil Fireworks Factory , Sivakasi Manufacture All Crackers As per Government Norms.This Hi Gift Box Crackers are manufactures by Using Green Formulas.Which is approved by Indian Government.It is Also a Eco Friendly Product.Approved By CSIR � NEERI.Bring out your Divas, My Family, My Friends and My Neighbors are here .Boom, bush, bang and Bloom, falling into the flooding joy, all before the bonfire, only with assorted Gift box .The Hi Gift Box Crackers which consists of 19 Items in a box which is made by Anil Fireworks. HI GIFT BOX (19 ITEMS)S.NO PRODUCTS QTY1 3 �� LAKSHMI 1 BOX2 7 CM ELECTRIC SPARKLERS 1 BOX3 7 CM COLOUR SPARKLERS 1 BOX4 7 CM GREEN SPARKLERS 1 BOX5 CHAKKAR SUPER BIG 5 PCS6 FLOWER POTS SMALL 5 PCS7 TWINKLING STAR 1 BOX8 FLOWER POTS SMALL 10 PCS9 ELECTRIC DIOMANDS 3 PCS10 EMERLAD 5 PCS11 BABY ROCKET 5 PCS12 PENCIL 1 BOX 2 PCS13 SNACK CARTOONS 3 PCS14 MINI FOUNTAIN GREEN 3 PCS15 MINI FOUNTAIN GOLD 1 BOX16 GREEN STAR 1 BOX17 RED BIJILI ( 50 x 1 ) 1 BAG18 CANNON SHOT 5 PCS19 ASSORTED CARTOONS 1 BAGStand 5 Meters away from the cracker to be safe. To ignite it use a long Bathi. For outdoor use only. Under close adult supervision.
       285/1B8A2, Viswanatham Village,
       Sivakasi, Tamilnadu - 626189
       Sattur Mainroad,
       Mobile: 9500254444
       Landline: 7708003376

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